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Gibson leaves the program

Rich rodriguez will look to hire a new DB coach.

Arizona saw their third football assistant leave the program on Wednesday, this one coming as a bit of a surprise.

Reports surfaced early Wednesday morning that Arizona safeties coach Tony Gibson was returning to West Virginia. A few hours later the University of Arizona confirmed that Gibson had left the program with a terse statement.

“Arizona football safeties and defensive special teams assistant coach Tony Gibson is no longer with the Arizona football program,” announced the school’s Communication Services director.

Gibson is a West Virginia native and has played and coached with Rich Rodriguez for much of his career, including all seven years at West Virginia and three years at Michigan.

Gibson is considered an ace recruiter and was responsible for bringing in many of the recruits from the northeast who were part of last year’s recruiting class. In addition to coaching safties, Gibson was one of the Wildcats’ “defensive” special teams coaches.

[i] Impact:[i/] So what is the impact of losing Gibson? It is the first of the “Rodriguez guys” to leave the program and could be a blow to recruiting. Gibson has great recruiting ties, especially out east and in the south. On the field it is hard to say how much of an impact the loss will have. One could argue that two of his charges, Jared Tevis and Tra’Mayne Bondurant, were among the best defenders the Wildcats had, but his overall reputation among the Michigan and West Virginia fanbases is not great. In fact several sites reporting the news saw an influx of negative reactions from Mountaineer fans.

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