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Husky gives Arizona billboard material

Washington bounced back from its 58-56 loss to Stanford to thump California Sunday night in Berkely, 92-71. The Huskies (13-4, 5-1 Pac-10) next face Arizona this upcoming Thursday in a battle for first place in the Pac-10 Conference.

Jones will get first crack at slowing down Washington's Isaiah Thomas when the two schools meet this Thursday in Seattle.

Arizona (14-3, 4-1) is a half-game behind Washington in the conference standings having swept the Bay Area schools and besting Arizona State in its last three tips. Thursday's match up against the Huskies will be the first time playing away from home for Arizona since Jan. 2 when the Wildcats fell to Oregon State, 76-75.

Following the win over Cal, Husky point guard Isaiah Thomas took a jab at Washington's next opponent after being asked if the Arizona game was one he had circled on his calendar.

" I haven't," said Thomas. "They probably have."

The Huskies shot 52.3 percent from the floor and made 13-of-29 three-pointers against the Bears. However, the story was the play of Thomas who has assumed point guard duties following the loss of starting sophomore point guard Abdul Gaddy to a season-ending knee injury two weeks ago.

Against Cal Thomas finished with 27 points and 13 assists, a game Washington coach Lorenzo Romar called Thomas' best as a Husky.

Thomas will be tough to defend for any Arizona Wildcat perimeter player, but perhaps gave the Wildcats some unintended motivation with his post game comment. Thomas is lightning quick and has a scorer's mentality having played most of his college career at shooting guard. Arizona has improved defensively, but remains skittish as a team in on-ball perimeter defense and denying dribble penetration when facing speedy guards.

Washington won last year's meeting against Arizona in Seattle 81-75. However, the Huskies were trounced by the Wildcats in Tucson earlier in the 2009-10 season, 87-70, at Arizona's McKale Center.

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  • With Momo and Parrom on this team, giving them bulletin board fodder should make Thursday's game that much more exciting. I expect to see Momo have his best game yet.

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  • I'm really looking forward to seeing how we do against Washington. They really have some fire power even without Gaddy. When they are clicking-look out. Unfortunately the game statrts too late for us on the East coast, and will end up taping it. I think that MOMO can really get into Thomas' head if he can stay with him and make life difficult. I like his defensive intensity. he really played well Saturday even though the offensive stats were not there. We didn't need him. Hopefully some on else will step up and have a big game-maybe Lavender will repeat last year. Williams needs to stay in the game. They are pretty scary all around.

  • I will be at the game on Thurs up here in Seattle! Can't wait! Never been to a UW game. Hopefully I get out alive!

  • Nice dbertw, have fun!

    As for MoMo, it's a good point raised about his offense against ASU. In a match up zone that doesn't really extend past 17-18 as ASU's does, MoMo won't be having huge offensive games. Although he can hit the jumper, he's not a pure outside shooter and against zones like ASU's it's more important to "pass" inside rather than dribble drive, at least early in the possession before the offense gets a chance to stretch the zone with inside-out passing.

    As suggested, MoMo did play an excellent game on defense and sometimes that's good enough for the Cats. Against Washington, I do expect MoMo to be much more involved in the offense.

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  • This team needs to get some MOJO...and MOMO.
    DW just needs to show up. Parrom, Hill and Perry need to get mad, pissed off, the type of mad where a guy makes a pass at your girl friend...and you tell him to shove off. Instead he kisses her neck. Then that is the type of PISSED I MEAN. We need some really active playersout there. I want Lav to come in all cool and calm and hit 3 -3's right off the bat.



  • I'm sorry, but how is that bulletin board material exactly? Saying he didn't circle us on the Calendar (which is one of the lamest sports cliches ever) but we probably have? How is that bulletin board material? Sorry, but that's the some of the weakest "bulletin board material" I've ever read...

  • Wake up. Saying he didn't circle the game on the calendar "but I'm sure they did" is billboard material.

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  • you didn't really provide an answer other then "because it is" but I'll respond anyways.

    Washington is on top of the PAC 10, so of course Arizona is going to "circle that game on the calender" because they are playing what has been the top team or one of the top teams in the conference for the last 3 years or so, and are playing the team picked to win the conference this year, not to mention Arizona is trying to "prove themselves" against arguably the best team in the PAC and gain credit and more attention nationally. It's a true big time statement game for the Cats.

    Why would Washington circle this game on the calender?? Since when does the top team circle the game vs the team that has finished 4th and 6th the last 2 years in the PAC? Arizona is a team that: barely finished .500 last year, has only played 2 quality opponents and lost both games (one by 20+ points), has lost to Washington in Seattle the last 3 years, is not that great on the road (see OSU game this year), and has many many question marks outside of Derrick Williams. Thomas knows this is a much bigger game for AZ then it is for Washington, and has many reasons to be confident about their chances. We all know Washington will not overlook Arizona, and will be more then ready for us on Thursday.

    I can understand calling him or his comment cocky, I would agree with that. If this is what we are calling bulletin board material these days, Arizona has become soft.

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  • damillerera,
    Hello, I actually like some of your comments and thoughts, but I do disagree with you regarding 1 vital thing. This game is on UDub's home court, thus the game is actually more important for them then it is for us. I want the Wildcats to win, but if we happen to not come on top - it is not the end of the world.........if Washington loses it is a much bigger deal. So while I agree that Thomas might not have made the greatest of verbal jousts towards the Cats, he does show just enough signs of over confidence that allows me to hope that UDub wil be not putting there best foot forward on Thursday.
    What the Wildcats need to do more than anything is come out of this trip to the land of rain with at least one win and imo that is not going to be so easy.
    Here's to Arizona becoming a team to watch these next four days..........and the remainder of the season for the entire college bball world.

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  • Sorry, thought it was obvious.

    When asked about if he had "circled" the game, a simple answer of "No, every game is important in the Pac-10" would have been the normal answer. To add, "but I'm sure they did" is an outright dig at Arizona albeit a subtle one. No one ever said bulletin board material has to be a HUGE insult. Hence the term Bulletin Board because there's multiple quotes and jabs, obvious and not-so-obvious, posted on a single board to motivate a team.

    Sure, everyone understands that Washington is the favored team entering Thursday's game, but why did Thomas feel the need to point that out. He's acting as if he's taking his little brother to the candy store which is a big deal for his little brother and not overly exciting for him. Further, it speaks to Thomas' ignorance. Does he honestly think Washington has emerged as some kind of west coast powerhouse in the past few years? Does he think winning a couple of home games against Arizona during Arizona's low point in the last 27 years suddenly makes Washington "bigger" than it's opponents?

    To be honest, the person who asked him the question isn't exactly smart using the term "circled" but Thomas did himself no favors in answering the way he did.

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  • SOmehow some people havent a clue about rivalry. It is so says...ARIZONA WHO? I got it and if I was MOMO I'd circle his arse and take him down


  • It's definitely subtle and I appreciate damillera's comments. I can't really disagree with his replies, but if I were coach I'd present it to my team. It's not going to be the reason Arizona wins or loses but great coaches can take anything and spin it into motivation.

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  • If the CATS weren't already motivated for this game PRIOR to this "board material", then something is definitely wrong with their focus.

    I also dont believe this to be strong board material. What Thomas said wasn't anything too bad. I mean, they ARE the team to beat in the Pac and we are still up and coming ourselves. Similar to the way teams ALWAYS circled UA games back in Lute's day - and I'm pretty sure none of Lute's teams were circling particular games to look fwd to.

    Like I said, if we aren't PSYCHED and MOTIVATED to be playing for first place already, then what will it take???

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    Time to nut up or shut up

  • Here's some billboard material :'s-name-be-known/

  • Announcers were talking about the police investigation during Sunday's game.

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  • Thanks for the billboard material Gary. If Washington's Thomas showing Arizona you-mean-nothing-to-me disrespect doesn't hit MoMo & Co. where it counts, what will? Those words uttered by the UW PG, in a kind of Huskies-mean-more (much more)-to-Cats-than-Cats-mean-to-Huskies smack, speaks volumes about where the comfort level is right about now in Seattle. And yes, these words may have been said by Isaiah, but for him to think that he could say them without consequences from his coach tells us where the sentiment may have originated.

    In regards to Jerry's posting, I think the alleged rape of a minor case involving a Washington b-ball player falls right in line with what's happened and unfortunately continues to happen today in major college sports. In Oregon with RB James and his abuse case, with former Duck and current Ole Miss Rebel Massoli and his theft and drug case, Auburn QB Cam Newton's case, with a list of charges running from his shoulder to the fingertips of the hand now holding his Heisman, Ohio St.'s Pryor & Co. selling out their college and the sport right along with the memorabilia is, sadly, a sign of the times.

    And the NCAA has no one to blame but themselves. These guys in trouble with the law can apparently do their thing off the playing field and, short of murdering someone, are allowed to pick up right where they left off, just a day or two prior, on the field of play. And all with no serious ramifications whatsoever for the player or his representative university. Amazing as it is appaling. But the beat goes on...

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  • Hey Joe, you can't forget coaches from being enablers, eh?

    I actually watched that game last night but missed Calipari singing like that.

  • Looking at this game it seems it should be winnable since we hung in there last year despite having DWILL out so quickly. I think Miller needs to let the second unit play longer if they are hitting from the outside like they did last year. I remember how excited I was that the second unit got us back in the game and then Miller pulled them and promptly the refs started calling fouls again and the first unit lost all momentum. It was almost like the refs didn't know who to call fouls on when Williams was sitting. They tried to make the total fouls even out, but it sure seemed like they went after DWILL.

    This is one game where we really are going to wish we still had Nic Wise since he could stay with Thomas.

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  • 10-4 Jerry. I wonder if Calipari's ever looked in the mirror? Forget that; I know the answer already. Introspection - that's the word I'm looking for. Apologies on Twitter to the TV audience, BBN and his players does not a sorry - truly sorry - man make. The weasel should be saying he's sorry and meaning it, face to face, with Jones, his mother, the UK AD and its president. And then he should do the right thing and resign.

    liver97: Is that with or without onions? My favorite dish (one of them anyhow...) growing up! And if we think we had a 2nd team last year, and a capable one, at that, what could this year bring us?! Good point though. Don't see why coaches do that, replace a good player who's hot, but not a 1st teamer, with a 1st teamer just because?...Sendek did it Saturday with walk-on Jackson and starter McMillan.

  • If we win, PLEASE someone ask Thomas if he has the date in Tucson circled on his calendar!

    "Arizona has no tradition" - Bill Walsh "We have a tradition of kicking Bill Walsh's ass" - Teddy Bruschi

  • Derrick Williams will have to be very careful tomorrow now on hedges out high. The UW guards are about as quick as Arizona will face all season besides Kansas. DW could easily get caught out of position and have a guard dribble into him for a cheap foul or two 30 feet from the basket.

    If I were Miller, I'd have my bigs hedge low and simply prevent dribble penetration rather than hedging high to force the guards backward. It's a risk, but it's less of a risk than having DW or even K-Nat get into foul trouble so far from the basket. As it is, both will have their hands full inside defending Byran Amaning.

    Barring UW shooting 50% from behind the arc, or Arizona shooting something stupid like 35% from the field, this should be a great game. As liver states, UW won by 6 at home and DW was in foul trouble within the first five minutes. In Tucson, Arizona routed UW 87-70 last year so the Cats know they can beat them.

    Play smart, don't reach, don't get baited into taking the first shot, rebound and Arizona can win.

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  • Good points all Gary. Couldn't agree more with your keys to success in Seattle. Williams seems to have cut that out, where he goes practically out to between the top of the key and mid-court to slow down an opposing guard. Williams & Co. just have to play it smart, as you say. If MoMo and Fogg could pick a game to turn it around in, this one's as good as any for them to finally do it. Lavender's had some good minutes lately but I don't think Washington's expecting much from him, so look for him to be sort of an X-factor. The Cats may end up winning it with the play of Horne, Hill, Parrom and Perry though, and in particular Jamelle and Kevin.

    Beyond that, TOs must be kept to a minimum (Huskies will make their own opportunities; we don't need to help them any), FTs need to be made (part of taking what UW gives us, when they give it to us) and everyone - I mean everyone! - rebounds (defensive AND offensive rebounds). In other words, Cats, don't tell us, fists pounding chest, that you'll be there when the ball goes up. Be there. And Bear Down!!!!!

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