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League office weighs in on the shot

Arizona fans swear it was still on the fingertips. Colorado fans swear it was out of his hand. The nation seems split, but more seem to agree with Buffalo fans. In the end the officials scoured the video and determined that Sabatino Chen’s last second three-pointer was still on his fingertips when time expired. Did the league agree?

Yes. Pac-12 coordinator or referees Ed Rush released a statement through the league and he agreed with the decision of the officials.

"Game officials reviewed video replays of the end of regulation in accordance with NCAA playing rules and determined the ball was still on the shooters' fingertips when the official game clock on the floor expired. Per Conference protocol, the officials conducted a thorough review courtside and viewed multiple angles of the play before confirming the ruling. I have reviewed the video replays and agree with the ruling."

NCAA coordinator of officials John Adams told the Sporting News that he saw the replay and agreed with the decision.

It seems that since no replay could CLEARLY show the ball out of Chen’s hands with time remaining, the officials were right two wave off the basket.

That won’t sit well with Colorado fans, but Arizona fans love the ruling.

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