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Rivalry Reflections, Pt. 1

It's rivalry week and although much of Tucson seems to not care about the game, most former Wildcats still hold the hatred towards ASU. A few former players looked back at the rivalry and gave their memories of the game.

Former Wildcat running back and current radio color analyst Lamont Lovett:

“In the locker room it was real somber, it was real quiet. Donnie Salum was pacing around the room and started yelling nice words. Then he flipped over a table of Gatorade. The table hit another linebacker in the head and split him wide open. There is blood everywhere.

“Coach Akina looked at him and said, ‘that’s the way to spill some blood for the Wildcats.’

“Everyone jumped up and got hyped and we went out there and proceeded to go out there and, well it was a very spirited game.

“We went out into the tunnel and there are all these boos. There at the end of the tunnel is Chris Singleton is pointing ‘we’re number one everybody’ with his middle fingers. I thought there was going to be a situation like we saw the other night in the basketball game, but he’s just smiling as all of the fans are just taunting us.

“As soon as I walk out to the bench this dude starts yelling at me ‘hey number 34, hey number 34” and he is just riding me all game long. Here I am just a true freshman and I’m hearing it. “I soon learned that this game is played at a different pace. Guys play just a little bit harder in that game. I’ve been into it ever since.

“My senior year I recovered a fumble for a touchdown by the way.”

Former Wildcat tight end and current radio analyst Glenn Howell (1984-85)

“My brother played for Cal, so I was used to that rivalry. It was a very calm rivalry. A classy rivalry. I came down here and realized this was a nasty rivalry.

“You come out of the tunnel at ASU and you come out under their bleachers and the fans are throwing stuff at you. You didn’t see that at Cal/Stanford.

“10 years later I’m at a bar in L.A. and this guy was bragging the he played at ASU. I went up to him and asked him what year he played and he said 1984. So I told him, ‘yeah, we kicked your butt that year.’

“We started talking, but it shut him down because we beat them. Those guys are still upset. I mean Van Raaphorst he’s still bitter about it. That guy never beat us.”

Note: The quotes in this stories were gathered a few years ago, either from personal 1-on-1 interviews or from radio interviews on 1290 KCUB radio.

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