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Paul Elvira is officially a Wildcat

When Paul Elvira nervously walked up to the podium today, he made an
announcement that he would be a Wildcat and attend the University of
Arizona. He was the first to make his announcement today at a Phoenix
hotel where most of the local talent was making their announcements.
He was especially pumped because his high school teammate Maurice Lee
would be joining him.

Paul Elvira on signing day 2013

For Elvira this was something he really wanted, especially after Lee
was offered months before him. Despite the late offer, Tucson is
where the slot receiver has wanted to play for a while.

“I have always followed Arizona since I was little,” Elvira said.

The fact that Tucson was far enough from Tempe but close enough where
his family is within a few hours was important to Elvira.

“I’m away from home, but I am still home,” the receiver told the audience.

Elvira's sentiment seemed to be a reoccurring theme for several of the
signees Wednesday.

Proximity played a huge role in his decision having developed some
deep bonds throughout the state while playing football. By earning an
offer at Arizona and accepting it, it guaranteed that his family would
have an opportunity to watch a majority of his games. As an athlete,
being a few hours away you know that your games are accessible to
friends and family, but drop-in visits on non-Saturdays for a college
kid can be nice and that's exactly what Elvira and his family earned
by committing to the Wildcats.

Just the thought of putting on the Wildcat’s jersey has Elvira all jazzed up.

“I couldn’t be more excited to go down there (Tucson) and represent
myself, my family, and everything I stand for, and just go down there
and contribute,” Elvira said.

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