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Carey tabbed All-American

Ka'Deem Carey's run to All-American status began in Arizona's third game of the season when the Wildcats upset No. 18 Oklahoma State in Tucson.

Arizona football will take on the Nevada Wolf Pack on Sat., Dec. 15 at the Gildan New Mexico Bowl.

TUCSON, Ariz. – University of Arizona football sophomore Ka’Deem Carey has been named a first-team All-American by, it was announced on Monday. He earned the top slot at the running back position for the first All-America honor of his career.

Carey, named first-team All-Pac-12 last week, broke Trung Canidate's single-season school-record rushing mark of 1,602 yards from 1999 in the first quarter of the Arizona State game. Against Colorado on Nov. 10, he broke the Pac-12 and UA single-game rushing records with 366 yards on the ground. The Tucson native was also named UA’s co-Team MVP at Sunday’s awards banquet.

Carey is the nation's leading rusher in total yardage (1,757) and yards per game (146.42). His 21 touchdowns (20 rushing and one receiving) rank tied for eighth nationally and No. 2 in the Pac-12. He is the first Wildcat to register back-to-back 200-plus yard rushing games and is just the third to have multiple 200-yard games in his career. He has topped 100 yards rushing nine times this season alone, just a year after the Wildcats broke 100 yards as a team only five times in 12 contests in 2011. Seven of his 100-yard games have come against Pac-12 schools.

Arizona football will take on the Nevada Wolf Pack on Sat., Dec. 15 at the Gildan New Mexico Bowl.

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  • HUGE!!!! For once the prophesies of some knuckled headed poster(s) on an internet message board came true! I am sorry I doubted!

    "Arizona has no tradition" - Bill Walsh "We have a tradition of kicking Bill Walsh's ass" - Teddy Bruschi

  • Amazing, the 1st First Team All American Running Back to earn it without an OL. nono

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  • Gary Randazzo

    Ouch, sounds like wineknow just got slapped in the face. Just kidding, but not really.

    Bear Down, gentlemen! headslap

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  • Feels extra special, since I've been singing Ka'Deem's praises for six years now. And no, I won't let anyone forget it! Big congrats to Mr. Carey and the offensive line, who - despite Blake's opinion - did a remarkable job in 2012.

    Playsignature image

    God Hates Arizona Football.

  • I'm pretty sure that's not Blake's opinion unless he's wineknow. Anyway, a big congrats to Carey!

    Time to nut up or shut up

  • Huge! Huge for Carey! Huge for RR! Huge for recruiting!

  • Might want to read some of my posts Eric.

    Spot on, Tewa.

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  • Very deserving recognition for an outstanding season. That game against Colorado when he went for 366 was incredible and won't be forgotten.

    Wildcat Sports Report Basketball Editor.

  • Carey has something special in his veins. Once in a long while you see one of these guys.
    Being named a CBS All-American as a soph is a big deal, and CBS has had a way of setting young guys up for the catapult shot at the big awards the following season.

    Oh. And among his team mates, the guys who really count, including all the running backs by the way, Kyle Quinn was named Arizona Lineman of the Year.


  • Harumpf, I boldly and confidently predicted that Arizona might lead the conference in rushing.

  • Sure, I'll take that.

    Let's review:

    Offensive Linemen on the first or second all PAC-12 team this year:
    Stanford - 4
    UCLA - 2
    ORE, USC, CO, CAL and Wash - 1 each
    Arizona - ZERO.

    NCAA official stats for ARIZONA, updated 12/2/12:

    Carey = 1757 yards rushing, #2 in the country.
    Tackles for loss allowed #58 (#1 has the fewest)
    Sacks allowed #34 (if they kept stats for hurried or knocked down we'd be at least #110)
    3rd Down conversion #37
    4th down conversion #85
    Red Zone efficiency #98

    Just for reference...

    NCAA official stats for NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY, updated 12/2/12:

    Jordan Lynch = 1771 yards rushing, #1 in the country.
    Tackles for loss allowed #4
    Sacks allowed #16
    3rd Down conversion #15
    4th down conversion #2
    Red Zone efficiency #74
    ALL-MAC OL's = 2

    I think it is safe and correct to say that a lot of Carey's work happened without a very good line in front of him and that is is unusual that an OL that average could be on the same team as a leading rusher. It is all the more impressive that Carey was successful in spite of the extremely mediocre line we have.

    And then there is the OSU and Stanford games in both of which all we needed was push up front on ONE play and we would have won. One could argue that the same thing was true of ASU. A decent push, actually any push whatsoever, would have likely gotten Scott a first down without a game changing fumble.

    "Arizona has no tradition" - Bill Walsh "We have a tradition of kicking Bill Walsh's ass" - Teddy Bruschi

  • Wine, I don't think NIU and the MAC are the same as the PAC 12. Maybe Carey gets 2,500 in the MAC our offense and line?

  • I think having a player like Carey is a key that can catapult this coaching staff to a new level in recruiting and recognition. It reminds me of what players like Pete Williams and then Sean Elliott did for Lute Olson.

    I think this staff utilized a system allowing more than competent quarterback and an incredibly gifted running back to succeed with a lesser group of skilled players. That group rose to the occasion beyond the expectations of most of us.

    With Carey named as an All American, this personal victory is also a stamp on a group effort. Whatever you think about the line or others, they won. They won to a point we expected them to always win with USC being a crowning glory.

    They didn't always win, but the foundation has been laid and there is a nucleus for a new future that can be very bright.

  • Nearly anytime a running back gets named All-American you can bet there are some horses out in front opening up lanes. No doubt Carey is special and driven, but to take anything away from this line given that they too had to learn new schemes and prepare for non-stop action is more than ridiculous. As a group they were running close to 90 plays per game on average in the Pac 12, and they ran the system as well as can be expected. Actually they ran the system far beyond legitimate expectations in the first year. They got in shape, they came to play.

    The line did tremendous in this first year under Rich Rod and Company and they deserve our applause.

    BTW, congrats to Mr. Carey too.

  • BradAllis

    So the offensive line is in the top 30th percentile for sacks allowed, on a team that slings the ball all over the field. They are also top 30th percentile on third down conversions, usually a passing down. They had the second leading rusher and were middle of the pack in tackles for loss. Hardly a bad offensive line.

    Editor-In-Chief of Wildcat Sport Report and co-host of the Arizona football and basketball pre and postgame shows on 1490 and 104.9.

  • Stats can make or break any point.

    Tackles for loss allowed #58 (#1 has the fewest) - the difference between #58 and top 20? LESS THAN 1 tackle for loss per game. We ran 30% more plays than average and were the team with exactly the median number of tackles for loss. If our OL had been merely average they should have given up 30% more tackles for loss. We ran the 5th most plays in the country and gave up only 5.5 TFL per game. Oregon, meanwhile ran 10 fewer plays (7th nationally) and gave up nearly 2 more TFLs per game. Their OL must be, well whatever is way worse than pathetic. Despite giving up the 58th most tackles, we only had the 18th most yards given up. AZ was 3rd in conference in TFL allowed and 1st (as in fewest) in yards lost. Nationally AZ had 1 TFL per 15 plays, Texas (#2 in TFL) had 1 TFL per 17.5 plays, Oregon (#116) had 1 every 11.1 plays.

    Sacks allowed #34 - Notre Dame is the #1 team in the country and only gave up 2 fewer sacks. Only 8 of the top 25 teams gave up fewer sacks than AZ. AZ had the 17th most pass attempts per game, yet only gave up the 34th most sacks? Sounds better than average to me. Plus many of the teams ahead in these stats play in weaker conferences, i.e. weaker schedules. This OL gave up a sack every 27.3 pass attempts. Oregon's OL gave up a sack every 19.4 pass attempts, maybe that is why they run the ball so much. When your offense has more snaps, you're going to give up more sacks and tackles. In the PAC, AZ gave up the 2nd fewest sacks, despite running the most plays and 2nd most passing plays. Washington State had the most passing plays and the most sacks. Passing 12 more times per game, they gave up 39 more sacks (3.25/game more). Now that is a pathetic OL. I don't have the energy to comment on your made up stat.

    3rd Down conversion #37 - You do realize the difference between #37 and top 10 is less than 5% right? We had the 75th most attempts, but the 46th most conversions. This stat may be a reflection on coaching and play calling, or even on the entire offense, but it has nothing to do with the OL.
    4th down conversion #85 - Ditto final comment 3rd Down.
    Red Zone efficiency #98 - Ditto final comment 3rd Down.

    Most of your stats, when actually analyzed, show this to have been a way above average OL. Two years ago, which is pre-Anae and before you went ballistic about our pathetic line, the OL was 76th in TFL allowed and 90th in Sacks Allowed, yet we were 14th in 3rd Down conversion (only 4% better than this year). Last year, 1st year under Anae and when you decided the line sucks, the OL moved up to 52nd in TFL allowed and 57th in Sacks allowed, while our 3rd Down Efficiency dropped to 37th.

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  • Now that is what I call accounting BP, great job.

  • Actually, if you are around Steve, I would like to nominate BP's post for a fully deserves consideration I believe.

  • BradAllis

    Blake you made my point in a much more eloquent, stat driven way. Most of the stats Wineknow had laid out had the offensive line in the top 30% of the nation, hardly bad and actually above average.

    This time I agree with your stats.

    Editor-In-Chief of Wildcat Sport Report and co-host of the Arizona football and basketball pre and postgame shows on 1490 and 104.9.

  • "less than 5% difference..." I don't know how many plays we ran against Stanford, but divide 1 by that number and that's the % difference between a win and a loss. Do the same for OSU and ASU. Then add 3 to the win column and subtract 3 from the loss column and tell me what the percentage difference is between us and a top ten team in terms of wins had we had merely competent offensive line play on any one of just three plays.

    "Way better than two years ago"... well there's a good metric. That's much easier than using an objective measure like... oh I don't know... All-Conference selections. Since we are improving, that proves we are great, right? At the rate we're going, we'll have ALL-Conference selections from the OL no later than 2016!

    Considering the fact we run so many plays as an explanation for the gaudy positive numbers was resoundingly shot down when I posited that earlier this year, but it can now be used as an excuse to explain that our mediocre numbers are actually those of a great OL? OK...sure....

    Yes, we are top 30% in all the categories I listed. So when I make the point that our RB is top 1 or 2% and it's disproportionate (i.e. more credit due to Carey than the OL) you are desperate to prove that being #98 in red zone efficiency is actually either a bogus stat or a good thing for us.


    Zero all conference selections. Two games lost solely on the failure of one play of the OL and anecdotal evidence all year long of our running backs getting hit in the backfield on more than 50% of our running plays plays and quarterback with brain damage mid way through the season from all the hits he took. Clearly an 'above average' line.

    This post was edited by wineknow 16 months ago

    "Arizona has no tradition" - Bill Walsh "We have a tradition of kicking Bill Walsh's ass" - Teddy Bruschi

  • Wine, you go from using stats, which when analyzed disprove your point, to, well I don't know what to call it.

    Show me 1, just 1, OL that had ZERO bad plays for an entire game, in any level of football, in any season. Just because the OL had a bad play in a game (or even 2 or 10) does not mean the OL cost the game. ASU was lost because of 4 turnovers by 1 person. None of those turnovers was caused by OL play, none of them. OSU would have been tied had Bonano not missed a FG. Actually, it probably would have been won because OSU would not have been going for the win on the last 2 drives. How about the 2 INT's, including the late game INT, against OSU? The OL didn't throw or cause them. The pick against Stanford? How about the fact that the defense gave up 54 freaking points to a Tree and 38 to a Beaver? If only the OL had been good then our D would not have given up so many damn points all year, right?

    "Way better than 2 years ago" - not sure who you are quoting, but that does not appear in my post. You do realize that All Conference selections is a SUBJECTIVE, not OBJECTIVE measurement, right? Other than the "skill" positions your team pretty much has to be in the top 2 or 3 in the conference to get a player mentioned. Our team underperformed or the leading RB in the nation would be going to the Heisman presentation this weekend. By any objective measure, our OL out performed the top teams, actually every team, in the conference. There are 52 All Conference Selections total, 31 of them came from the top 2 teams in each division. 28 of 44 non special teams selections went to the top 4 teams. If you add in OSU, which was the 3rd best team in conference and division, it goes to 35 of 52 and 31 of 44. 7 of the 10 OL came from those teams.

    I never shot down the number of plays. Maybe someone else did. The point is, analyzing stats shows that our OL does not have mediocre numbers. The TEAM's results were mediocre, can't really argue that a 7-5 record and getting the worst bowl game possible is not above mediocre. But that was NOT the OL's fault. It was the TEAM and the COACHES collectively. The stats (objective measurements) that the OL has some form of control over, clearly show an average to above average line.

    Being #98 in the Red Zone, has virtually nothing to do with the OL. They did not cause the turnovers that were committed in the Red Zone. They did not miss the FG's in the Red Zone. If you want to split hairs. The OL has something to do with Red Zone TD's, and nothing to do with FG's. AZ was 65th in TD's. So actually the OL moved us up in the category they have some affect on. We had at least 6 turnovers in the Red Zone this year and Bonano missed 6 FG's (5 in the red zone). If we only converted on half of those we are in the top 35 easily. But again, the OL was not at fault.

    Zero all conference selections - subjective. Asked and answered.
    Games lost - almost never lost solely on one unit. Although, I will contend that ASU was lost due to 4 turnovers by 1 individual. Our D cost us the 3 games, much more than the OL cost anything.
    Anecdotal evidence - is subjective and not evidence. Watch any football game from HS to the NFL and see how many times the backs get hit at or behind the line of scrimmage. Emmitt Smith got hit behind the line thousands of times in his career. Was the Cowboys OL pathetic? Hardly, it is only considered one of the top 3 of ALL TIME.
    Scott's brain damage - the hits in the later games that knocked him out were on running plays, where he was running the ball, not sacks behind the line of scrimmage. The concussion at UCLA was the 9th game of the season.

    Bear Down Arizona! Wildcat Sports Report, CFO AZ's Certified Tax Coach at Wildcat Tax &

  • Carey had an outstanding year despite being handicapped by a horrible offensive line.

    Consider that he was never sprung for a long run by any lineman. In fact, most of the time he had to leap over his own offensive lineman, and then block for himself and open up a hole -- often 7-10 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

    Consider how many yards Carey would have gained if he wasn't tackled for losses 50% of the time, again because there was no blocking.

    And, then yes, of course his gaudy stats were grossly inflated because we just ran so many plays. Despite the fact that the offensive line, was, well, simply offensive. And of course, that had nothing to do with line play, as we all know! It's easy in college football to have a great, league leading or near in all categories without an offensive line. It's easy to get first downs, score TDs simply by running more plays than anyone else! Think of the genius of RR and staff -- all you have to do is run more plays, make more first downs, and then presto, you average over 37 points a game, have a QB throw for 24 TDs, a RB run for 21 and gain over 1700 yards -- all without an offensive line at all.

    Yes! The genius of RR is that he simply runs more plays than most other teams. Shhhhhh! Don't let anyone else figure this out or everyone else will do what Arizona does -- run more plays -- and not have to even put anyone on the line!

  • Yes, I am aware that you cannot understand what I am saying. Let me try another way: I think Carey is a better running back than our OL is an OL....does that help? Can we agree on that?

    I think I understand now. Some of the actual numbers don't apply because we run so many plays, and the numbers that are valid don't apply because things like 3rd down conversion rate has nothing whatsoever to do with OL play. Anecdotal evidence reveals that Emmit Smith and Carey have almost identically talented OL's and always got/get hit in the backfield and that's just how great OL's play. Scott did not have a concussion against USC and his game did not change until after the hit in the UCLA game a week later. Yep - the facts are clearly and decisively on you side.

    So, the O line was 'well above average', despite the fact that the stats are, in themselves, on the surface, mediocre. If you manipulate the numbers and take multiple other factors into consideration, and disregard some stats that are only partially derived from OL play, one can arrive at the conclusion that our 7-5 team, that was unable to sustain drives in three games and unable to drive at all in 2 others, somehow had a 'well above average' OL.

    No one in college football is hailing our OL as a great unit, recognizing them with individual or team awards - but those are irrelevant. Top 30% in the country would make us a low level bowl team, but it turns out that the NM Bowl actually one of the very best bowls, if you take multiple factors into consideration and ignore most others. 7-5 is the new 10-2, after all that's only a .250 difference. Hey, I'm getting the hang of this! Thanks BP!

    This post was edited by wineknow 16 months ago

    "Arizona has no tradition" - Bill Walsh "We have a tradition of kicking Bill Walsh's ass" - Teddy Bruschi

  • You state false premises as fact: i.e.; that Carey was hit behind the line of scrimmage most of the time. Totally false. SOMETIMES, he was, as all backs are. But Carey got through holes created for him MOST of the time. He accelerates well.

    I.E.; that anyone made the argument that the offensive line was a superior unit. No. No one is making that claim, just that it wasn't as bad as you allege. It was average to above average. Not great, but got better through the season.

    i.e.; your dunderheaded statement that we did well JUST because we ran so many plays. DUH! If you don't get first downs and convert third downs, you never get the chance to run 90 plays a game. If our line was as bad as you think, Arizona wouldn't have to worry about a no huddle offense. It wouldn't matter.

    Arizona finished about where they should have, and are going to a mediocre bowl. Everyone acknowledges that. But our problems were on the defensive side of the ball, not on offense. That is why we didn't finish 10-2 or 9-3.

  • Carey is a better RB than the OL is an OL? Duh. He is the best back in the country. No one here or anywhere else has disputed that fact. The dispute is that you claim the OL is pathetic. RB's don't get to be 1st Team All Americans behind a pathetic OL.

    Hypothetical Question for you: Team A's OL gives up 2 sacks per game to a group of DL's that average 4 sacks per game over the course of a season. Is this OL a. Average b. Below Average c. Above Average d. Pathetic e. Great?

    Bear Down Arizona! Wildcat Sports Report, CFO AZ's Certified Tax Coach at Wildcat Tax &

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