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'No-name' Carey

Sophomore running back Ka'Deem Carey has the potential of becoming the face of Arizona's read option offense.

When Ka’deem Carey took the field on Saturday Arizona fans and the rest of the world had no clue that he was about to rush for a Pac-12 record. Unfortunately, the rest of the world still has no clue about it. It was a busy weekend in college football; so busy that Carey’s career day was barely news at all if you lived outside of Pima County.

The main culprit for the lack in coverage of Carey’s record setting day was Alabama. Their loss to Texas A&M has now dominated headlines all week long. If you watched any sports recap shows this past weekend through Wednesday, A&M was the lead story. It was a huge feat for the Aggies and the whole championship landscape shifted as the Aggies stole Carey’s thunder.

This is the ultimate hometown story that will for the most part remain just that. Carey is of course a Tucson product and for some reason it seems that outside of Tucson, few know about Carey and his running abilities.

When it comes to the Arizona football program and the media coverage for it, Rich Rodriguez dominates the headlines. Whatever has been left over has been given to Matt Scott. Carey, who has been stellar all year, now is the number one running back in the Pac-12 in total yards and is tied for second in the nation. He even has more yards than Heisman hopeful Kenjon Barner.

You can’t blame the national media. Due to time differences you can’t expect them to see some of Carey’s games. Even this last game against Colorado was played at an awkward time; 11:30 a.m. MST. That is 1:30 p.m. on the east coast and probably prime naptime for media members. Heck, I would bet most media east of the Mississippi didn’t even know the game was being aired.

If you look at the majority of the national coverage, of course you see all coverage of the Alabama loss but literally nothing about Carey. On what will probably be the greatest rushing performance we will see in a long time, and he was a mere side note on the major networks.
If Carey was playing in the SEC and was on a team comparable to Arizona’s record, let’s say Miss St., and he had a game against a crappy team (comparable to CO) like Kentucky, and put up 366 rushing yards it would be big news. It would definitely get a lot more coverage than it did this past weekend.

So what does Carey need to do to get noticed, or is it best that he is not noticed. This team is going to be depending on Carey for the next couple years, so maybe it is best if the rest of the college football world doesn’t know about Carey just yet because he will have a lot of chances to get noticed when he’s blowing by and over their facemasks.

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