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A tale of two cities!

  • In honor of Charles Dickens birthday here is a short comparison to how Arizona and ASU have faired in building a successful football program thus far.......

    ASU lost two of their top recruits on signing day, including 4 star QB Joshua Dobbs to Tennessee ( graham was pissed in his press conference) That makes 2 straight recruiting classes that they have been unable to sign a QB. They also added 9 more JUCO's this year. That's unheard of unless you are Bill Snyder and Todd Graham couldn't sniff the seat of Snyder. How in the world are they going to build a program with no QB's and all those JUCO's? It seems to me that it is pretty obvious Graham has no intention of staying at ASU long term. He is trying to win short term and get offered a better job sooner rather than later. it is the complete opposite of what any economic teacher would tell you about building a company or in this case a football program. "You have to make to yourself worse off in the short run to make yourself better off in the long run" There really is no other explanation for it. ASU might have a decent team next year and the year after but there is no way with this recruiting philosophy and lack of QB's they will be able to sustain success over a long period of time.

    Arizona did not seem upset at all that they lost 2 recruits. Rich Rod and company, however, are building for the future and seem to be here for the long haul. They are getting OKG's (our kinda guys) and I couldn't be more happy with the job they have done thus far, both on the field and in recruiting. I really believe that RR is one of the best coaches in the business and I think Arizona is lucky to have him. At no other time in my wildcats fandom career have I been more optimistic about the future of Arizona football! I can see Pasadena in our future through my Rose colored glasses!!

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  • "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

    BEAR DOWN boys... The best is yet to come....

  • Did you see RichRod's presser yesterday?

    It was very good. He even took a shot at the scummies. When asked about negative recruiting he said he is against it and he better not hear about any of his staff doign it. It then went on to say, now if someone is spreading false facts to recruits we will show the recruit the true facts. Like if someone was saying they throw more then us we will show the recruit what the real facts are. I started laughing at that because of this site i know who he was refering to.

    Also when asked about the the 2 Georgia players he pretty much just said I only care about guys that want to be here.

    I like RichRod and what he is doing with the program. Now if the defense can just not give up 400+ yards a game next year I would be very happy!

  • I did, I watched both RR and TG press conference. We are in much better hands!

  • Graham prefers JC's because he knows he'll never stay at an academic institution long enough to see a freshman recruit graduate. coffee

    Personally, Arizona's philosophy they related to the recruits in high school about being "OKG (Our Kinda' Guy) is pure genius. It empowers the recruits from day one to work their ass off because they are an OKG (wanted by the program), and understand how their work ethic and commitment to success directly impacts the bigger picture of turning Arizona into a football powerhouse.

    If Graham ever even began to think of something that profound his head would explode. explode

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  • He's lucky if he stays long enough for a commit to matriculate.

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  • Rivals and 24/7 both rank ASU's class ahead of ours.

    I seriously do not understand why we take pot shots at JC transfers. I'd LOVE it if we had 9 impact players coming in, ready to play. Very few freshmen can even handle the game until late in their freshmen season. If we could land 4 of the top 10 JC defensive linemen, and 3 of the top 10 linebackers.... but the proof is on the field. Multiple JC transfers helped ASU beat us last year and apparently, the exact same thing is going to happen this year...Players ready to go, experienced and proven vs. freshmen... it's not hard to predict.

    Last year despite RR having a far better reputation and two addition months, Graham beat him badly in recruiting. And then, of course, on the field too.

    Graham 1, Rich Rod 0

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  • You always miss the point. Reread my post and get bak to me...... It's about long term success, not short term.......your post is redundant. We know JUCO's are good for a quick fix, we all acknowledge that. This is about sustaining success over a long period of time, not just one or 2 seasons. Did you notice that they have had zero qb's in back to back classes?????

    Btw, We are ranked higher than ASU by scout and ESPN and after we land David Price this weekend will probably jump them in Rivals.

    I feel bad for you wine, you're a glass is half empty kinda guy. Life must be miserable.

    Cheers! Hope you have a wonderful day.

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