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Arkansas Coach Petrino & his intern

  • There is something about the state of Arkansas that makes a man feel absolutely gnarly when it comes to his nads. It's not enough to be banging some outside quail, you always have to get the quiff on the payroll and then you have to be pretty brazen about it. Petrino should run for Gov. of Arkansas, he'd probably win. If anyone hasn't heard by now, his motorcycle accident; the one with the stupid photos of him with his face mangled and a neck brace....there was an employee on the back of his cycle, a 25 year old blonde that Bobby P., hired a month or so ago. Bobby forgot to mention it when he gave his release out through Arkansas' media office.

  • This is the link to the story.

  • I will never understand our silly attitude in this country. Did Bobby kidnap this girl? Did he force himself on her? 25 is an adult the last time I checked. So, he's banging some young chick, good for him, that’s between him and his wife. And if he took steppes to hide the thing that just shows how silly it is, I would just issue a statement, my mistress and I got in a wreck, piss off if you have a problem with it. But these guys always have to act like they did something terrible and throw the girl under the bus in the process. These guys need to just come out say that he's going have sex with who ever he likes and not turn it into some big ordeal.

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  • King of Daleks,
    I agree with you, the biggest problem Petrino is going to have is explaining this to his wife and four kids. As for the rest of us he should say it is none of our business........having said I am sure there are more than a few buses that will be used to clean up this story as much as possible.

  • Well put King of Daleks! clap

    Time to nut up or shut up

  • Any random sample of the people on this board and we'd find plenty who are unfaithful, so I am aware of the audience.

    Every relationship is complicated and no one is perfect, but my personal fascination with stories about infidelity is that a person who cheats on their spouse (I read once that more women cheat than men) will cheat on anyone.

    The emotional impact is devestating and I personally limit, whenever and where ever I can, any dealings with people I know to be philanderers. If the marriage is bad, get out - but you are eitehr 'all in' or all out.

    I have no desire to tell another what they can or cannot do in the bedroom and no problem with people who have understandings with their other partners... I am talking about people who lie and hide and cheat, who turn their backs on their families and do extensive emotional and psychological damage to their childeren.

    So Petrino is a chetaer. Do you think a guy that can do that type of harm to his four childeren will hesitate to tell kids to take setroids or have an agent pay off a key recruit? And yes, it does impair ones ability to perfrom at a high level - Cintons last two years in office were copleted distracted with all of this crap. The people who were cheated the most were the tax payers who ended up with a part time president.

    So that's why I am 'fascinated'.

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  • I guees the big proble is the fact that he lied when asked directly if he was alone when it happened. Then to have a relationship with a chica you had just hired a week ago to work with the program also calls into some things. When you are working for tax payers you have to be extra careful not to do this type of thing. This guy is an idiot all the way around!!

  • BTW, who's Jessica Dorrell and who's the hayseed sap she's engaged to?

  • I'm with King of Daleks, if you'r 50+ and can pull a 25 year old cutie then more power to you. Bummer that he's a family man, though, that's not cool at all.

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  • Gary this has to be your worst post ever. Marriedd manis an affair with a subordinant is automatic terminationis any public job. Shows a compolate lack of character and ghe ability to reason needed in order to be a head coach.


  • I actually have a little different take. As a former bureaucrat who believes in the honor of public service I find it terribly offensive that a big shot like Petrino would feel that the people of Arkansas should have to pay for his trim. Why do they feel the public needs to procure their talent? I find it distasteful. After finding out more, I also wonder how and what really happened for Peterino to end up with that huge neck brace? Obviously some kind of perverted positioning on the cycle led to the accident.

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  • I'm not saying what he did to his family is cool, its not, but we don't know what the deal is either. I know with the Mike Price situation there were lots of rumors that his wife was ill and she was cool it. What I'm talking about is the overall childish American Attitude towards sex in general. And as far as public officials go. I would personally rather have a guy or women who is personally flawed, like a cheater oven a minor crook with the public good in mind, than a squeaky clean zealot who's morals won't allow for pragmatism in office. These people are the real danger. Prudes and busy bodies are a much greater threat to democracy than some honey middle aged dude having his midlife cheat about. If you want your political figures to be clean and faithful we will have to tear down Mt. Rushmore, reprint all the money, and rewrite the history of this country. It would be a very short book indeed if we left out all the cheaters.

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  • Part of what you say I agree with. The biggest hypocrisy usually ends up being those spouting off their piety and claiming morality while usually buggering some alter boy or Congressional page. I don't like any politician who runs around wearing his religion on his sleeve. On the other hand, Thomas Jefferson didn't have the taxpayers paying for Sally Hemmings room and board.

  • Sure, I don't know anyone who would disagree. But youd be hard pressed too name a succesful bid for congress or president who could be called 'prude' or busy body. W was a known playboy and cocain user prior to marriage, he may hav aspired to be better, but he was hardly prude. In fact, i believe that the constant portrayal By Hollywood and the media that right wing politicians are categorically religous zealots who hate the environment and are prudes and ultimately hypocrytes is by far a greater threat to democracy than prudes.

    The moral equivalency arguments of Christians to terrorists is asinine and is coming from a religion of liberals who believe that anything and everything is just fine as long as you are not Christian, believe the US should be force for good in the world or suggest that lthe U.S. has ever done anything to make the world a better place, or commit the greatest crime of all - believe in capitalism. But by all means, don't judge, condem, or attempt to change anyone or any thing else. And, don't forget, the rainforest is more important than anyone or anything else, so send me some cash, I'm gonna save it!

    And yes, we all admire old guys getting some.

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  • Let me throw another hypothetical (cough, cough) out there: Let's suppose we found out that one of our major big time sport coaches was trying to nail every co-ed that came within 1000 ft., of our athletic offices; would that be something we should mind our own business about? Or would we have a right to be incensed with such poor judgment and lack of class? How would we know--or would we not care--if that coach was more focused on getting a whiff of the quiff than on recruiting and developing/riding herd on stud players? Is a university campus now just another workplace or does it carry any kind of special obligation for a higher standard? It used to, when I was coming up the colleges and institutions of higher education were considered to be in loco parentis.

  • Would I want Rich Rod or Miller embroiled in this, of course not, but for selfish reasons, I want to us win and everything that gets in way of that I'm against. But nor would I want either of them fired or vilified over the same issue either. To get to your point I would have bigger problem if it was a student but an employee of the Athletic department or a personal assistant that is fine. Just be smart enough not to get caught.

    And, WK I never compared Christians to terrorists, What I mean is, everybody moans and cries and says they want politicians who stand by their convictions, NO YOU DON'T. That’s why nothing gets done. Even if the people involved are shady characters, you want people who can deal and compromise behind closed doors. That way the extremes on both sides never get what they want which is good thing. But no busy bodies and Prudes in Congress? Are you kidding?

    A Rose Bowl before I die Please!!!!

  • I guess we have a totally different view of the public payroll and standards of conduct.

  • Yes, but that is more a hypothetical for Oklahoma to deal with now

  • Good one.

    I will say, if there were Las Vegas odds, I be Coach Peterino gets whacked.

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  • Funny Jim. I thought I separated a standard 50 year old hooking up with a 25 year old and a 50 year old married man committing adultery through the second sentence:

    "Bummer that he's a family man, though, that's not cool at all."

    Of course I don't condone adultery. Whatever fallout comes of Petrino he'll deserve it in this life or the next.

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  • All I care about is that this one doesn't involve Arizona.


  • Emerson said; "Character is higher than Intellect. A strong soul will be free to act as well as to think."

    I really think this is where a lot of organizations fail and fall down. They are unwilling to do what is right and what is healthy for the organization long term because of short term issues and it applies to the private sector just as much as the public sector, IMO.

    We had a wine supplier who came to the market, he said it was a stretch for his small, family run winery to do so, but he wanted to come support his brand, which was one of the hottest and most sought after brands int he market at that time. He claimed to have done his homework on our routes and wanted to work only with certain sales reps, and he happened to choose all women. He rode with 3 of them, 1 each day, all day long for three days. Lots of car time between accounts. Then he'd take them out for dinner (a common occurrence in our business) and order astronomically expensive wine - $500 or $1000 per bottle. Legendary producers, etc. All three reps found him 'odd' and then after a little probing, they got around to he's flat out 'creepy' - but a nice guy and relatively harmless, just very creepy.

    Then he goes home, calls me out of the blue and begs me not to tell his wife what he drank while he was here or how much money he spent. I didn't even know at that point that he had splurged so wildly, had he not told me i might never have known. Weird. As his wife is the bookkeeper for the vineyard, I'm not sure how he was hiding it from her, but that's his business.

    It's my business to know that an extremely high profile supplier is owned and operated by a creepy guy who is dishonest with his wife about money.... the red flag is flying pretty high there and while thats not a reason not to do business with the guy, we were very guarded in dealings with him from that point forward.

    Then a month later, one of the girls complained that he wouldn't leave her alone. Facebook, emails, texts, all day long, every day.... now I've got a dishonest, creepy, stalker with marital problems....and an amazing brand from him and a significant portion of our business at that point.

    I wrote him and asked him to stop. He went off the deep end sent even more texts to her about why she told on him etc.... Then the other two women came forward with the same issues and he had asked both not to get me (the owner) involved.

    At this point I have a supplier trying to hide something from his wife, from me, stalking three employees who all think of him as 'creepy'.

    The email I wrote is still talked about. We fired him that day and have never looked back. It would be somewhat like Barnes and Noble right now refusing to carry Hunger Games - that's how hot this brand was within the wine world.

    The point is that my employees and suppliers (they all talk) needed to know that we would make the right ethical choice and stand behind our employees and not expect them to suffer creepy stalkers and that even a big important and profitable supplier (probably $100K in sales every year for us) could not get by with mis behaving in that manner.

    Two of the three are with us four years later and one has gone one to a successful winemaking career. The benefits of long term, happy employees out weighs the dollars that the brand represented. That's not what any business school would teach, and in practice most companies would have told their employees to suck it up, but it's why we own our category in AZ and have happy, long term employees. It's why we continued to grow selling a completely unessential luxury good during the worst economy since the 1930's.

    So I make the choice to set the expectations higher with anyone and everyone. Public, private, important to short term success... if their character is out of whack, ultimately it will do far more harm not to fire them!

    Yea, if Miller was chasing a 25 year old and lied and cheated about it... I'd fire him no matter what his record was because, ultimately, keeping him around would only allow him to dig a deeper grave and make a worse mistake. If he was single and sleeping with the entire cheerleading squad and he doesn't lie about it when questioned... I could care less.

    Seems a few have hinted that Stoops mind was on other things - no way a divorce can't effect your job and I can give the benefit of the doubt there, but if he was spending lots of time chasing skirts and trying to hide and lie about it, then that's mental energy we needed and were paying for to be on the field.

    Just do the right thing and then no one has to worry. I don't think that's too much to ask. Not happy with your wife and love the new intern... fine. Get a divorce. Don't lie, cheat and steal. Do the honorable thing, especially if you are under the microscope and even if it hurts in the short term.

    "Arizona has no tradition" - Bill Walsh "We have a tradition of kicking Bill Walsh's ass" - Teddy Bruschi

  • You have to question someone interested in a woman half his age, single of married. At some point this is something that doesn't work out. You also have to question a 25 year old woman with any interest at all in a man old enough to be her father. Both situations are weird.

    I had a business partner who was harassed by a professional after only one sales call. Eight calls in a row with each voice mail message more and more lurid. I told her never to go see him again and he was a very important customer to us at the time. Our manager agreed, and with the evidence of the texts and voicemails, it could have been very embarrassing for him. But we agree just to never go back to this guy. WK is right, sometimes you just walk away.

    In the interest of fairness to Stoops, I'm pretty sure I could care less who he dated or how many, but if the inference is that is what caused his divorce, it's a far cry from what I heard, but all of that is heresay whether it was his fault or not. Whether it contributed to a lack of focus on his job at Arizona is something that only Stoops can answer. After Stoops was divorced, I think he was fair game to date who he wanted to, and that's his personal choice.

    But there is no getting around an essential truth, personal decisions can affect job performance, and although this is a free country and people can make all kinds of personal decisions, like Petrino did, they all can carry consequences.

  • I can understand a older guy having interest in a beautiful young lady; however when you are her supervisor and she is a public employee working under you then you do not get involved. Virtually any large public job or large corporation that would result in your being fired end of story. I do not see how he keeps his job.


  • Well put, wineknow. You are wrong about what is taught in business school, however. I was shocked at how much "emotionall intelligence" was part of my business school's curriculum. A lot of it is not trading what you want most for what you want right now, but the majority of EI subject matter dealt with interpersonal relations.

    I've found time-and-again that someone's personal life is reflected in their professional life. IOW don't expect a client or supplier to show any more loyalty to a supplier or client, respectively, than they do to their family.