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CSM targeted...

  • Again, I repeat, "is this an April Fools Day Joke"?

  • damnn many sorces out there. I thought a joke also...but sure looks real. If so...something like SHIITT Hitting the fan must occur. This is avery sad statement about our refs. How dumbass are bthey to even bring it to the public. Bunch of phuking tin-gods. He needs to be fired...and yes..rescind the fine against Miller and a huge apology for making us lose the game.......

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  • If true the affects and effects are staggering to consider. It would mean that the UCLA/ Arizona game could be argued to have been 'a fixed' game. If true there should be a tidal wave of firings.

    If true.

    And if it is true Larry Scott said Rush were merely joking, then he should be fired too for allowing the integrity of the game come into question.

    Again, I do not believe this quite yet. It seems 'a perfect' April Fools Day joke to take advantage of the dynamic from the UCLA/Arizona game.

    If it is true I am certain it should and will proudce be a MAJOR scandal. And if not dealt with properly would cause many to question if they should even bother watching the games anymore.

  • its no joke it is on every major news and sports site, all you have to do is google Sean Miller targeted.

    This has so many ramifications.

    If Scott doesn't fire Rush immediately -- tomorrow -- then he should be fired. His initial comments indicate to me that he is trying to cover. Not a good sign. Kudos to whatever official leaked this from the meetings.

    You can say all day long that the comment in the meeting was a joke, but when the T is controversial, and so obviously unmerited, drastic action needs to take place.

    Rush needs to be fired yesterday, and maybe Scott as well, as much as he has benifited the conference, this is a scandal of shocking scale because it could reveal the agenda of officials in general that is highly quesitonable behavior from individuals who supposed to be totally impartial. We know that doesn't happen and saying it was a "joke" still begs the question; why was Miller singled out? What is it that he has done that has drawn attention? Why not someone else too?

    It was Miller's first T of the year.

    The University Presidents need to take action fast.

  • OK, so I now see quotes from Byrnes out there with dates via an AG article on via the Tucson Citizen which makes me believe this is all too real.


    Total integrity of game in question. One of the best refs in the Pac 12 has handed in his resignation (coincidence? probabaly not).

    If Scott doesn't become proactive the NCAA has a duty to get involved in this. Until then, first thing and foremost Rush needs to be fired asap - which likely means right after the Tourney has concluded so it doesn't set off a major stink bomb until the 'big show' is finished.

  • Steve,
    You are 100% correct.
    A dark hour for the Pac 12 is approaching and Scott better be on top of his game.
    The UCLA game vs. Arizona was a complete mess because of the no calls that Arizona witnessed.
    Everything is in question now.

  • This is going to be a story Final Four weekend regardless. Commissioner Scott should rid the conference of Rush tomorrow morning because better to have the Final Four shows talking about Ed Rush and his fall from grace rather than call into question the integrity of the Pac-12 Conference and how Scott has allowed this travesty to go unpunished.

    I studied economics and journalism, but it doesn't take a marketing degree to understand that the longer Ed Rush remains in the Pac-12 the worse the PR nightmare is going to be.

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  • Well, I emailed the P12 & Greg Byrne.

    I also made my feelings known on my site - for all 6 of my loyal followers (you know who you are).

    I can't believe how pissed I am that Larry Scott almost immediately supported Ed Rush - KNOWING the incident took place - before TWO different games.

    So, I guess Ed can go make jokes - as a boss - that are extremely sexual in nature to his female employees - and Larry Scott will support him because it was "just in jest".

    Of course, the difference is, when you are possibly attempting to use your influence of authority or maybe $$ to possibly affect the outcome of a Pac 12 game - that could be constituted as criminal.

    The one official that was quoted said Ed Rush constantly bullies his underling officials - and they will do what he says because they want future gigs.

    Interesting how Ed Rush obviously has a bug up his ass about Coach Miller - AND he conveniently has his LA cop ref underling ref ALL THREE Arizona/UCLA games this season - or 30% of his ENTIRE career total of UCLA games reffed going into this season. You see, normally you don't have refs do their home teams games - too much influence from family, friends, coworkers, etc - EVEN if the ref tries to be unbiased. Nope - Ed had him call all three - and, BIG SUPRISE! - Ed got his tech call at the very worst possible moment for Coach Miller in that UCLA game.

    Damn I hate not trusting refs. Ed should already be fired.

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    Dan @Hoops_Nerd

  • No doubt the integrity of the entire Pac-12 Conference and its officiating has officially been called into question. The shortsightedness of Scott is as troubling as Ed Rush himself.

    The Pac-12, dating back well into the Hansen years, has conveniently ignored the poor officiating the conference has suffered through and now it's all catching up to them.

    I remember last summer talking to a Pac-12 coach (not any of the Arizona coaches) and the coach informed me that the coaches would be bringing up a variety of what he deemed "major" concerns during the annual conference coaches meetings later in the summer. Clearly, even the Pac-12 coaches were ignored because aside from the flat out silliness we witnessed at the conference tournament in March, the entire season was again filled with horrendous officiating. At least now we have a face to blame, and that's Ed Rush.

    Step 1 is ridding the conference of Rush. Step 2 is finding someone who values the game of basketball and the role officials are supposed to play in it.

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  • Remember when Mark Cuban got fined half a mill for saying he wouldn't hire Ed Rush to manage a Dairy Queen? Good times.

    Dan @Hoops_Nerd

  • For those interested in voicing their opinion in different ways, this is the latest to hit social media:

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  • I have that feeling that this thing is going to get HUGE... No way this gets swept under the rug, much to Scott's chagrin...

    Scott's gross malfeasance is the far greater transgression in this sordid deal... He should be shown the door along with Rush, Irving and "ANY OTHER" Ref that was in those meetings and did not promptly report the incident and/or cooperate with any investigation...

    You need to look no further than "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and Buck Weaver of the 1919 "Black" Sox scandal... They both, were severely punished to varying degrees for not immediately stepping forward with what they knew was a threat to the inviolate integrity of the game...

    BEAR DOWN boys... The best is yet to come....

  • When Tim Donaghy was caught a handful of years back as a 'bad ref' and criminal one of the guys he signaled out when finger pointing started was Ed Rush, saying that Rush always made it clear via memos what fouls to look for and focus on during a particular game and which PLAYERS to watch carefully. An example is the linked story below with Donaghy's remarks.

    I always thought the NBA was able to white wash the entire Donaghy saga away all too easily. But amazingly enough here it is 2013 and it all starts to come together.

    We have always known - imo - that refs can suck on a particular night. And some of us suspected that in the NBA certain teams and players got far too obvious special treatment.

    But to have Rush in the Pac 12 headquarter offices as the lynchpin on top of the volcano is just too friggin much now.

    I am hoping that people react strongly to this news regarding Rush and the Pac 12 and do not allow a white wash of the situation.

    Arizona will have to be very careful about not leading the parade to 'get' Rush because if could bring about a 'tax' (attorney jargon) from refs next year against the bball team from refs that like the guy.

    Having said that while it would be more than difficult to prove an outright fix of the game was on, needless to say that it is no small matter as many have said and alluded to here that the Integrity Of The Game is at stake. Simply put it isn't likely the only time Rush went into 'mission mode' to get a coach and affect the game.........but is it clear to even UCLA fans I am certain that the outcome of the Wildcat / Bruin match up during the Pac 12 Tourney has been completely tarnished and leaves far reaching questions.

    Like Gary said, Commissioner Scott should react sooner rather than later to handle this mess. If he does not, then there needs to be a unified effort from the Presidents of the Universities - or whomever acts as the oversight for Scott's office including the NCAA to make sure that 1. Rush is fired. 2. The refs who didn't report the circumstances get suspended or fired, 3. that Scott face a hearing and its implications........and lastly 4. that Arizona, nor any other school be 'taxed' for taking actions against these folks.

    This is a multi-billion dollar product at stake, someone had better take quick action, or be ready for some serious backlash from fans. And it should not only be Arizona that acts on this fiasco. All the conference schools need to stand up and make sure they are accounted for.

    Tim Donaghy On Game 7: How The League Influen

    Tim Donaghy, the former NBA referee who spent 11 months in prison for relaying inside information to gamblers, is reviewing the performance of his former colleagues during the NBA Finals. Heres a quarter-by-quarter breakdown of Game 7, with video.

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  • What annoys me the most about this is first that Rush was not immediately fired but second that Scott jumped all over Miller when they was furious at the refs. Come to find out he was right and now everything is just a big joke. I know we have the worst refs is NCAA basketball but now they are being paid to be even worse.

  • What needs to happen (IMNSHO)

    1. NCAA needs to launch full scale investigation into game tampering
    2. .Scott must FIRE Rush today, right now, immediately
    3. All refs other than the whistle blower need to be terminated for collusion
    4. Miller's fine needs to be rescinded.
    5. PAC 12 regular season and tournament championships must be vacated. Due to tampering we do not know who won
    6. Scott needs to issue a public apology to Miller and the University of Arizona and the entire PAC 12
    7. Scott needs to tender his resignation to the PAC 12 immediately. He can re-apply only with the unanimous support of all University Presidents, ADs and coaches.
    8. The new PAC commissioner needs to have 100% transparency in the officiating. All pre-game and pre-tournament instructions need to be made public to ensure that there is no more collusion.
    9. Rush should be flogged, drawn and quartered and tarred and feathered on the mall. along with Zip's LA cop friend

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  • 2, 3, 4, and 6 would suffice. The rest would go a long way toward trying to placate an obviously furious Arizona fan base, but would ultimately be unnecessary.

    Bear Down Arizona

  • The simplest thing for Scott is to terminate Rush. I also agree that the $25K fine needs to either be returned to Miller or at least be donated to a charity in Miller's name.

    By firing Rush, you automatically start a review of Pac-12 officiating, its grading policies for officials and so on because when interviewing for a new lead official you'll have plenty of ideas brought in by those applying for the job.

    Regardless of Rush, how officials are graded and evaluated both off season and in season needs dramatic improvement. Too many times in the past decade the conference has ignored the poor officiating, the whistle happy refs or those with the quick technical triggers, with nothing more than a slap on the wrist and a "here's your next game try and do better."

    This incident demands change that leads to better officiating. Rush is finished and that will likely play out, but I'm more concerned with identifying ways to improve the league's officiating as a whole at this point and it's going to take a great hire to get it done.

    If I were Scott I'd be interviewing former college coaches from across the country to get a list of names of the top officials in the market, I'd narrow that list to 2 or 3 aging refs, and then I'd pay him a handsome salary with the caveat that they too will be evaluated strictly on measured improvement over the next five years.

    I'd also add, no more "emphasis" on anything! I want to puke every time I hear something stupid like "the refs are placing added emphasis on post play, or added emphasis on placing hands on the defender." Basketball is a simple game, if it's a foul than call the foul. Refs shouldn't be reminded to add emphasis to any particular rule. Just call the game as they see it, and call it without bias!!!

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  • Very good points Gary, and I have a question.

    Just a thought. Why do we need a former ref to be the head of officiating, why can't the head of officiating be a former coach for instance who is widely respected and knows the 'rule book' inside and out?

    As farfetched as it sounds, it would allow for the coaches to put their perspective into the manner in which the conference handles its games. While the Pac 12 would certain have to follow statues and NCAA rules it might open an interesting chapter and really allow the conference to become better for its coaches and players.

    I wonder if Bobby Knight would take the

  • Rush needs to be fired by the end of business today... If he is not and it takes several months to make a change, the P12 runs the very real risk of appearing to having been DRAGGED into cleaning up its officiating house.... In that case Scott needs to go too...

    That perception of unwillingness to do what is needed, is one that will not go unnoticed... This will not only be embarrassing, but you can rest assured, it will be used against ALL P12 teams during the recruiting process...

    BEAR DOWN boys... The best is yet to come....

  • Good little Article by AG and what others around the country are saying.

    In a nut shell " Rush needs to go!"

  • This absolutely has to happen now. What some may not realize is while all eyes are on the high school basketball prospects during key evaluation periods (like the one that begins in about 12 days) in AAU ball, the refs are also graded during these periods by conference officials from around the country. The refs that work AAU basketball are evaluated, graded and instructed throughout the spring and summer months as hard as the athletes. It's mainly those high school or Division II or III officials looking to earn their way into Division I. The Pac-12 needs to overhaul its officiating system NOW so they can best utilize the AAU season to start evaluating potential officials for next season.


    Excellent idea. There's no rule that the head official must be a former official.

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  • upvotes for Dan and Gary and I am not even one of Dan's 6 fans clap

  • From a legal perspective, what the Arizona fans could do is threaten to file a class action law suit against the Pac 12.


    Because of damages and mental suffering (I am not joking) due to the travel expenses incurred going to the Pac 12 basketball tourney in which a game may very well have had its outcome not decided by the players, but by 'corrupted' officiating.

    And certainly other fan bases could join the class action because of all the implications.

    That would open Mr. Scott's eyes pretty quickly along with anyone who looks over its purse strings.

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  • 1. If the NCAA does nothing they are condoning corrupt officiating.
    5. The call affected the PAC tourney championship and since the same ref called all 3 UCLA/AZ games puts doubt on the regular season championship as well. Allowing it to stand says "We'll accept a corrupt result"
    7. Only necessary because Scott did not do ANY of the other 8. By covering for Rush he has created a total lack of confidence conference wide in his ability to lead. Besides wineknow will be happy because the replacement will be a Directv employee so he'll get the games next year. lol
    8. If the above 7 happen, then if the new guy at least comes out with "No more emphasizing X, just follow the rules" then 8 is not necessary. However, it should be part of every conference officiating anyway.
    9. Ok, now this one is simply for my own gratification. We could pay off the NEZ project with the proceeds from the video sales.

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  • Oooh, I officially make this my number 10.

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