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  • Seriously getting tired of everybody saying Arizona out in the first round. Best win they have is against Central Tennessee St, they have 4 players that average 25 or more minutes and they don't shoot that much better than Arizona. So I hope their in shape because they could be spent before halftime.

  • I find it funny that these people predicting Arizona to get upset also have Arizona playing New Mexico on the third round when push comes to shove. There's no doubt Belmont is a sexy upset pick and it could certainly happen. For teams that live and die by the 3, if the Bruins get hot Arizona will be in real trouble. Of course, the opposite could happen and in that case Arizona will cruise.

    I'm more concerned with the stupid things that could happen like Solomon Hill picking up 3 first half fouls, Belmont in the Bonus with 13 minutes left in the game, Bruins banking in hotly contested treys, and stuff like that that can swing momentum big time.

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  • And another thing similar that has happened to us in several games this year - we play 33 seconds of great defense, the ball gets knocked lose to one of their players and he proceed to drain (off the backboard of course) a 30 foot 3.

  • Filter for reality....

    NO ONE - not the upset statistician at ESPN, not SB Nation, not any of the pundits picking the upset are talking about AZ. It's almost all about Belmont and how efficient they are and how their numbers are similar to teams that pull upsets.

    Then there was little nugget from Lunardi. He said he can't 'read' AZ right now and frankly had no idea. He said we could lose in the first game or go to the final four, but he just did not have a good feeling about us. Well, pardon me, but, no shit. Never mind that he's the expert who is supposed to sort through that and NOT pick with his gut, how can you possibly look at Belmont's schedule and think "Oh yea, they're giant killers!"? Of course, we only MIGHT be giants.

    The fact is that everyone (pundits) LOVES Belmont and is clueless about AZ. If these very busy guys have direct TV, they did not see the P12 tourney! They are too busy to go the extra mile they need to to review how we beat Colorado for example, so they are flying totally blind and just guessing on the PAC-12 teams. Pics are all over the place on Oregon, Cal and Colorado because none of the experts have any idea what happens out west and our league chose to disenfranchise anyone with Direct TV.

    I think we are good enough to beat Belmont and they have NOT proven they are good enough to beat us. Obviously if they get ridiculously hot and we are ridiculously cold (see: @USC) then they'll upset us and all of these idiots will be idiot savants.

    On to New Mexico.

    New Mexico gets 25% of their points from the FT line and evidently their offense is inconsistent otherwise. We don't foul that much and again, the bigger conference, much higher level of competition is not being factored in.

    As pessimistic as I am compared to all of the Milleristas, after spending two days researching, I think we'll make the sweet 16. Then the winner of the Ohio State (maybe not as tough as their reputation - check out their record against tourney teams this year) Iowa State (big time sleeper as near as I can tell) game is going to beat us.

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  • Yeh I don't get it either. Everyone keeps saying Belmont is deadly from outside shooting 38% as a team. Arizona's at 36%. Not too shabby either I guess (although the eye test for me watching AZ shoot from the perimeter causes me to be a bit surprised at that). Overall they shoot at 49%. Arizona? 45%. Offensively I would probably still give the edge to the Cats due to the competition they face. I just hope Arizona doesn't shoot 25+ 3's in this game with the size advantage they have. I think it will come down to who can get stops on the defensive end (obviously) and with the defense Arizona has displayed lately, something I hope to see later, then I would say Arizona should walk away with W without much problems. Just defend the 3 and secure the boards and this game should be in the bag.

    Time to nut up or shut up