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LaQuinton Ross

  • There are a lot overly sensitive Buckeye fans. Brad posted a nice congrats on OSU's board and half of our fans took it as an insult. Unreal.

    Anyways, please don't assume the sensitive bunch from OSU represent the entire fanbase. Thanks for the congrats, Arizona is a damn good team and I fully expect you guys to be in the Elite 8 or better next season.

    As for Ross' shot, yeah it was a beautiul shot and I will admit there is a little bit of luck in hitting a shot from that far out. It certainly wasn't a high percentage shot but a good looking stroke.

  • There is no luck in a good shooter. He either hits it or misses it. Luck has nothing to do with it.

    "Playing here is the closest thing to heaven on earth..." - Brian Rolle

  • Thanks for being classy. Most people are being way over the top about this.

    There were some bad calls BOTH ways. Personally I though Craft should have fouled out or at least have been playing with 4 fouls as of about 8 min to go. He plays a physical brand of defense that involves alot of contact and for the most part they were letting it go.

    But he clearly got fouled on a drive in the last 2 min of the game and there wasn't a call on that either. Personally I was annoyed both ways, because I though the game was called great in the first half, but they made some obvious consistency errors in the second. I just want consistency, one way or the other.

    Congrats to Ohio State on a well played game, a clutch shot, and hopefully a run to the championship game.

    Also... after reading some of the other posts on here... Anyone who says Miller is a bad coach is out of their freaking mind. And OSU fans need to accept that nailing clutch, last second 3s is not a demonstrative display of "skill" or that you are clearly better than your opponent as much as it is a display of guts, good fortune, and a tiny bit of luck. You should embrace it. Honestly, most teams that win a title need it at least a couple times. Our championship 1997 team earned the nickname "Cardiac Cats" for a reason...

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  • BBucksorBeGone8


    Best I can tell we were nothing but gracious....if you think mine and brads convo stems from this Board , you're mistaken.


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  • I'm officially out of allotment of upvotes for 24 hours.

    A majority of them went to OSU posters that kept it classy. The rest went to Brad for the downvote beating he took on the OSU board.

    There really wasn't anything malicious in his post. It's too bad that someone who tries to reach across to the opposing fanbase had to have his 247 status take a hit. Brad is a good writer and is the exact opposite of a troll.

    Fair and unbiased.

    Edit: When my upvote allotment refreshes, I'll be sure to upvote the classy and knowledgeable posts.

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  • MattC509

    Refs were terrible. That whistle on that inbounds pass to Craft was an awful call. Arizona had him screwed and the refs bailed him out. Then that phantom And-1 call to let Arizona tie up the game was another garbage call. It was predetermined that they were going to blow the whistle. All in all, good game. Of course it feels all good to be on the winning side, which is why I don't mind the complaints and lamenting from you guys because I can understand what you are going through. It's part of the game. Also, I don't see why there was all that backlash on Brad for his comments. I didn't see anything wrong with them. If I recall correctly, he was the one who gave us that write-up on Arizona's team before the game. I appreciated that.

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    We may have lost the battle......but not the war.

  • Buckeye fan here, only thing I can question on Arizona's part was how do you leave yourself without at least tw0 timeouts for the last two minutes of the game, that can't happen. You lose the ability to sub offense for defense and defense for offense, and an opportunity to set your plays on offense and defense.

    I thought the call under the basket where your guy went up and just for the briefest of seconds was tied up was a bad call.

    I thought the granting of a timeout with cleatr control fo the ball was another bad call but this can be explained as the offical that granted the timeout was behind the Arizona player that was trying to get possession and didn't see that possession had not occuried at that point.

    Ross has stepped up his game, along with Thompson since the B10 tourney, and it should be fun for Buckeye fans to watch these two players next season.

    I like the big guy Arizona has in the middle, he looks like he could be a difference maker in the future.