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Scott has lost all of my support

  • I originally supported Scott and the vision he seemed to bring to the conference. And I am in no way criticizing how he handled the the merger and the new tv contract.
    Here's where he lost me:
    He fined Miller for an altercation after the game. $25k
    is there any evidence of the altercation? I seriously doubt there is any evidence. what there is evidence of is the fact that the Pac12 has the most inferior group of officials in basketball and football. Consistantly making the wrong calls, then backing up the calls. No wonder he can't pull a deal with direct TV. The pac12 is losing it's support left and right, with only AZ having constant support in basketball.
    The commisioner in the Big12 said after the Iowa st loss to KU that should have been a ISU win that those 3 officials would not receive a new contrat in the big12. maybe we should try an hire the big12 commisioner and get rid of Scott. All that douche cares about is money and he can't even get that done correctly.

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  • The new TV contract is a disaster for anyone with Direct TV and it is inexcusably greedy and petty to disenfranchise that many fans and just not give a flying rats ass about it.

    Only a handful of officials are exclusive to the PAC-12, most work in multiple conferences. It was explained to me by a ref that the best and most experienced generally can chose to be exclusive to one conference, but that most prefer to have two or more conferences. It is very likely these specific refs also work in at least one other conference - the Big 10, SEC, Mountain West etc....

    I believe the burden of proof lies with you to prove that there was not an altercation. Obviously Miller does not deny it or he would have by now. This is rampant homer-ism "no our coach didn't do anything wrong..." when in fact it is Scott's job to maintain the highest standards of behavior for the entire conference. No one hands out a $25k fine without evidence. If Miller (or any other coach) confronts a ref in the hallway after the game, that's a serious problem. Right or wrong(ed), that just cannot happen and Miller knows that.

    I don't blame Miller for being upset - it was a horrendous call and I thought his post game comments sent a very clear message and that he handled that really well. Notice, he did not get fined for his comments. But being inappropriate with a 'staff' members (I assume Pac-12) and confronting a referee after the game cannot be part of any program or any conference.

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  • I was right there following the game. My educated guess based on what I witnessed with my own eyes was immediately following the Arizona missed shot attempts and the buzzer sounding, Miller turned and walked after the ref that gave him the technical foul. Asst. Coach James Whitford had to follow Miller and eventually put his arms around him and turn him back to the Arizona bench.

    Big deal. Miller did not do anything different than any other coach would have done after getting absolutely screwed over by an official that isn't qualified to bag groceries let alone officiate big boy basketball.

    Wineknow makes a good point about refs and the leagues they work. Officiating crews can go anywhere they want, and make their own travel/game schedules. Leagues do evaluate and grade them, and if they have the grades to officiate in a league they can then try and schedule to officiate games in that league.

    Where the Pac-12 ran into trouble in the past in getting the better east coast and midwest officiating crews was the Thursday/Saturday conference slate. In order to get to the west coast, the officiating crews would have to fly out on Wednesday or first thing Thursday, due a game Thurs., then do nothing on Friday, then do a game on Saturday. In short, they would fly west and get 2 games in. Conversely, the officiating crew could stay in the east, drive to games in the region and ref 4-5 games in a week. That's less travel costs and more paydays.

    The Pac-12 is trying to address this with their new Wednesday/Thursday and Saturday/Sunday conference scheduling to give officials more opportunities to ref games when heading out west midweek.

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  • It may be homerism whine, but if I was fined for this, I would make a public statement saying I'm not paying the fine. Then fight it to the death. Miller may want to save face, but he needs to let Scott know that this was unacceptable.
    and yes, the direct tv situation is rediculous. also the blacked out games on espn are pissing me off

  • I don't disagree about telling Scott to shove his fine where the sun doesn't shine, but the best thing right now for Arizona is to move past this and focus on the NCAA's, which it seems like they've done.

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  • ya, for the next 3 weeks. then scott needs to be hit hard.